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Bellabay agents know and understand the Detroit and West Michigan housing climate more than any other broker, thanks to being locally owned and operated for over 10 years. There are Bellabay Realty agents in your area who have sold homes and properties similar to yours who would love to work with you.

Give us a call and then review our first steps guide for selling your home. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

First steps to sell your home

Get an instant estimate of your home’s worth by using our online pricing tool. Contact a Bellabay Realty agent in your community for a no-obligation walk-through to analyze the value of your home today!

It is very important to first calculate the expenses that may be incurred while selling your home. This knowledge is absolutely necessary because it helps you to determine a good price for the house, as well as the potential profit that you can realize.

The cost of selling your home may include things like commission to be paid to the agent, taxes, advertising costs or specific reports, such as a property inspection.

Many factors play in to the price of your property. You and your realtor will consider the following:

-What is the age & condition of your home?

-Does it need updating?

-What have similar homes in your area sold for?

-Have homes in your area been increasing or decreasing in value?

-Are there a lot of homes for sale in your area?

Choosing a price may seem daunting at first. You make think to yourself, “How do I put a price tag on this place I’ve called home?” Fear not. A Bellabay Real Estate professional can help you determine the market value of your home while still obtaining the top-dollar price for your piece of property. This is precisely where our agent’s strengths lie.

Every homeowner thinks of their home as simply their home: a place to live and make memories. But when you look to sell, you should start thinking like a seller. That means seeing your home as a ‘product’ and its potential for sale on the open market. By looking at it this way, you’ll understand that the deep purple living room paint or the overly cluttered office, which doubles as a guest room, may not look enticing to buyers.

In most cases, you’ll have some work to do to sell your home. A good agent, along with a CMA, will give you ideas for home improvements to consider. This could be as minor as moving things into storage or as major as a full paint job with kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Additionally, you need to know your home’s overall condition. A property inspection could be an excellent investment. If you discover you need a new roof or that the furnace is about to expire, you’ll have time to address it before a buyer catches it. Ultimately, this can save you time and money. Knowing what your home needs, early in the process, will help orient you towards a successful sale.

Put Bellabay Realty to work for you!

Working with a Bellabay Real Estate Professional is a smart, efficient way to sell your home, on top of being an investment into your community.

Bellabay agents have access to in-depth market analysis tools such as a front-facing Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and advanced marketing and communication methods. Your agent will advocate for you using a marketing mix of print and nontraditional media to generate buzz for your home. Furthermore, the level of professionalism and integrity our agents provide to their clients is unmatched in our Detroit and West Michigan markets.