Ramon Huerta

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I Love Real Estate. Ever since I was a little boy I always wanted to be a business man. I wanted to wear a suit and carry a brief case. I am not sure where I got this image, that if you had a suit and carried a brief case you were in business, but that's what a wanted.. Lol It was not until I took a real estate course shortly out of high school in 1999 that I found that real estate was the business I wanted to build. Ever since that course I was hooked. I saw all the different strategies and endless possibilities that real estate brought.  The first thing I wanted to do is buy rental properties. Over the years I worked jobs that helped me learn more about real estate. I have worked in the flooring Industry, Mortgage Industry and Insurance Industry.
I believe all these experiences have help groom me and position me to take what I have learned and help more people achieve their real estate goals.
As exciting as all that sounds one of the hardest things I had to over come was failure. I have had my share of failures personally and in business with Divorce and Bankruptcy.  I have watched everything I worked very hard for crumble in front of my eyes. But I am here to encourage and let you know that you can overcome all of this as I did.
I did not get my real estate license till 2007 only because I wanted to get access to properties.
I’ve recently been featured on the DIY Network pilot tv show called Gritty to Pretty. I am also the Co-Host of Property Krawl a monthy event that helps people that want to get into renovating distress properties. I am currently the Vice President of the Kalamazoo real estate investors association.
Just as I proudly serve my country in operation enduring freedom I would also love the opportunity to serve you in your real estate journey.