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Joshua Williams

(616) 719-6004


I'm a Real Estate Investor with about 5 years of experience in flipping and holding rentals. I have a bachelors degree in Finance from GVSU. After graduation I moved to Chicago, for a job in Management. I worked with that company for 5 years, then left to go work for an REIT company that managed over 200 properties. At that company I moved my way up to the Operations Manager, Asset Manager and Co-head of the Property Management roles overseeing the Illinois market. I saw a lot of our trades from start to finish dealing with all the parties in house to get the job to the finish.

I left to start my own business with my twin brother. Currently, I own JW Remodeling which is on pace to flip 30 properties this year. I also own 3 rental portfolios of around 40 units.

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