Emily Laursen



Emily was born and raised in the small town of Midland, Michigan. She continued her education at Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) where she cheered as part of MSU’s Varsity All-Girl Competitive Cheerleading team and graduated with a degree in Family Community Services. Making her way to West Michigan in 2017, she’s been local to the Grand Rapids area ever since.

Through various roles in Business Development, Coaching, Leasing, Market Management, and Rental Property Management, Emily developed a drive for improving the quality of peoples' lives. With an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help others achieve what they want to get out of life, helping people achieve their Real Estate goals, and making their homeownership dreams come true, is WHY Real Estate is her passion.

“I didn’t get into the industry to make money, but because I fell in love with it, and I care, so much, about people. I fell in love with the homes, each one's character, and the beautiful people I’ve had the privilege to help transition from one to another. I fell in love with hearing people’s stories, really getting to know their needs for their futures, and focusing on ensuring those future goals are met. Real estate can be a stressful thing. Moving out of a home you’ve known for years can be hard, BUT it can be a lot easier if you have the right person to partner with who takes the time to understand that.”

In her spare time, Emily enjoys yoga, running, coaching, and creating jingles on her ukulele.